Here you can find information about The Hebden (formerly Hebden Valleys Heritage) a challenge event to be run by Calderdale Group on Saturday, 5th January 2008. Click a heading ONCE to view more details but please be patient as some pages take time to load. You can always get back to this page by clicking the back button or the master index page at the foot of the thumbnails for the photos. If you want further information contact me at or Carole at

Results-Long Route -Short Route

The Hebden Report By The Organisers

Path Complaint Photos

Photos from around the Route Photos taken on the event by Brian Fisher and Bill Warbrick

Entry Form

Registration Instructions

Full Route Description

Recap Route Description This route description is intended as a reminder for those who have done the event before although it is adequate for newcomers to find their way as well.

New Badge

Finishers Certificate-Long and Short Routes

Photos from around the Route List of Entrants

Results Last Year-Long Route -Short Route

Checkpoint Food

Photos from around the Route These photos were taken on Wednesday 1 February 2006. The day was cold never getting above freezing with dull overcast skies and cloud cover a lot of the day above 1000 feet. The conditions produced remarkable photos of frost on trees and grass not seen that often. The weather and the condition of tracks and paths could easily be repeated next 5 January.

Tracklog-Long Route -Short Route This is the route, which can be downloaded to a PC and viewed using Tracklogs mapping software.Please let me know if you would be interested in acquiring this software.

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